Jill Avans

Name: Jill Avans

Nickname: Jill Jill

About Jill: Jill’s sister, Julie (also an instructor here) got her into cycling.  She feels that’s the best part about the classes is the music.  The perfect playlist makes the perfect workout!  Music determines Jill’s overall mood and influences her throughout every day!  Jill’s favorite workouts are outdoors!  You can find her participating in bootcamps, HIIT/Tabatas, kettlebells, running and kickboxing classes!

What to expect when taking Jill’s class: Bootcamp style.  She will coach you and drive you to push harder and stronger!  No easy way out!

Certifications: Certified in Schwinn Cycling, Kettlebell Concepts 1, Les Mills Body Combat and Les Mills Body Flow Instructor

Phileo Fitness:Your Indoor Cycling, Barre, Bootcamp & Yoga studio