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Phileo Method  @phileofitness
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  • Inspired by tennis player amp new mom Serena Williams this
  • WHAT AN AWESOME MORNING! Thanks to everyone who rode ran
  • The thecolonialtheatre BlobFest Facade Contest is back! Check out our
  • Step 1 Gather your crew Step 2 Sweat cho ass
  • Isnt she Beautiful? Congrats Kate amp Duane!! We love you
  • Wishing our regular Phileo Method Fitness Dad Pops Pappy DaddyO
  • Guess what Julie Avans and Jill Avans want to work
  • Isnt she beautiful?! Julies used to pushing KC amp Anne
  • HAPPY FRIDAY! Were just gonna leave this here amp hope
  • Teacher Students MomsDads Locals  Looking to have some fun
  • twinning and winning this Memorial Day!
  • You can spend the morning with these two badasses tomorrow

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